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As a little girl, I had no idea while we shelled those peas and shucked that corn; the sore fingers and hands were nothing compared to the conversations, laughs and life lessons that now live in my heart. And there is still no better tasting water than that right out of the spigot.

Growing up in the country of the South, gives you an appreciation for the simple things in life. Being the wife of a farmer gives you an understanding of hard work and sacrifice. It is the little things we often take for granted, that in fact shape us into who we are.

I have always been a very simple girl and have always dressed for comfort. No matter what the occasion; while at work, fishing on the South River, hunting, cooking, sitting at the ball field, running into town or just hanging with family and friends. I want to share that comfort with a taste of true southern living.

My design ideas come from memories, current happenings, a little southern humor, and some are simply a tiny snapshot of a moment that you are sure to “get” if you live or have ever lived in the rural South.

Camie Hall

Our Mission & Vision

Dam Beaver Apparel was born on November 30, 2016 for people who work hard and love to play hard. You don’t have to break your piggy bank while feeling comfort and looking sharp.

Our goal is for our shirts and hats to be the most comfortable that you own. We use the best quality fabrics, designs are hand-made for the best craftsmanship from right here in Beaver Dam, North Carolina (God’s Country).

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